A Poem by Adetutu

Today i went fishing

In the river of my mind
Armed with the string of faith 

My desires my baits 

To reach down depths

And tap treasures beneath 

To capture dreams and hopes 

From d world below 

To a life above 

I can see my dreams swimming in waters of illusion & imagination

Waiting for its suitor  

Like a ripe maiden 
Filled with d thrill of fishing for my goals 

I pulled  d string of faith 

Above the tides of doubts 

Above ripples of unbelief 

To glimpse d life beyond d surface

And see treasures buried in d depth of d river 

And still pulling on d string of faith 

It finally caught my bait 

With a catch bigger than  my struggles 🐋

Just like a baby is bigger than d birth pains


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