”RELEVANCE” by Adegboye Gabriel 

Everyone is in search of relevance, we all want to be known in our world, we all want to affect our world, we all want to make an everlasting landmark.

The question now is”how do i become relevant, how do I affect the world around me?

It’s very simple, No one was created without the seed of being relevant, in fact you are created as a solution to a particular societal problem.

And you’ve been equipped with all that is necessary to solve this problem(s)…. All you need to do is to search deep for those things that has been deposited inside of you, what is that special ability you have, what is that thing you enjoy doing.

After locating them, work on them, perfect them, make them fit and get them ready as problem solvers..

Then get the problem solved, then you will be celebrated as the hero or heroine.

Then you become one of the relevant people on earth. Don’t sit idle, together we can make the world a better place to be, don’t make those special abilities of yours lie fallow, they are your travelling passport into the world of the heroes, the relevant people, make use of them!


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