Yorùbá is more than just a Language. It is a way of life. But it is so disheartening today that it is considered archaic and so cannot be reckoned with anymore. I really do wonder why that is because Yorùbá to me, (and of a truth) is beautiful! As a matter of fact, if speaking English Language and embracing their culture is what seems fitting to us(nothing is wrong with it though), it would do us more good to strike a balance between both. It is really  not impossible to embrace both the Yorùbá and Western culture.

       I was at a function recently and everyone, by default started speaking English. (The English self no too strong I was not surprised because that was the norm. Actually thought a particular lady there was Igbo until she wanted to construct a sentence in English and couldn’t, cos English vocabulary seemed exhausted.  Then she switched to Yorùbá! I was amazed! Then we all started _doing normal_ by speaking our own Mother-tongue in our fatherland. 


        A Guest Minister at a crusade sometimes ago said a prayer point. I was with my Igbo friend so I was always interpreting all prayer points for her(though not perfectly…lol). The particular prayer was;

“Gbogbo òmìrán aláyòlé, tó fé kí nfi àrà s’ínú kú, Olúwa, pa’lè won mó.”

All I could tell my poor friend was to pray against every generational curse and then I prayed zealously in Yòrubá! My point is, Yorùbá language cannot be diluted, adulterated or modified. It is at its best when left as it is. Not added to, not removed from. 

       That’s just an introduction to another aspect of TCM’s blog- YORÙBÁ LANGUAGE. It would entail all sorts like Poems, Stories, Articles, Proverbs, Culture etc all in Yorùbá. Till next week!

Proudly Yorùbán#

Ó dàbò!

Setting standards for all round excellence! 


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