A Poem:  Happy Birthday 

Nature sent signals,

Yet I couldn’t sense it.

Birds hummed,

I still couldn’t sense it.

Until I heard expressions whistling,

Until I heard sounds of drums,

Until I heard people chanting;

O Ku ojo ibi ooo! 

Ase yi s’amodun oo! 
Then it dawned on me,

that it’s your day today!

Little wonder an aroma of good tidings filled the air.

It’s today;

Joy imprisoned our hearts,

Our lips became captives to smiles,

Our legs became servants to dance,

And we were bound in shackles of happiness. 

All because it’s your day,

Our hearts are filled with joy!

A wonderful creature is who you are.

Black is your skin,

Beautiful is your raiment,

Charity is your embroidery,

and Excellence runs in your blood. 
Àlàbí Adédayò Mary,

Here are my wishes for you;

Igba odun, odun kan ni o, 

May goodness find it’s path to you,

and may you not encounter sorrow.

Keep basking in the Glory of your Creator!

“Dayo with friends”
We Love You!



📱Twitter @Thecreativemin2


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