So many times we’ve stopped and asked ourselves the question, “Is it really worth it?”  The stress, the struggle, the tears and the sweat, the midnight candles and the shinning night bulbs.  We are tempted to give up at many junctures where the going gets tough; but we all know the adage that says, “when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going.”  This saying is very true. 

When the going gets tough and the road gets rough, it is not time to give up  or give in to the tempting stares of discouragement. It is rather time to buckle our shoes, hold our heads up high and just keep moving on. Life is not a sprint or an hundred metre dash, life is a marathon and an endurance race. Only those who keep running and do not faint will reach the finish line successfully. 

So don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you done.  Don’t quit. You can do it!  

We belive in you

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