​*Dahlia and the bee*

See! It’s Dahlia in her prime
Drinking the rain, eating the sunshine. 

Supple and lithe petals,

Swaying to wind’s acrobatics 

Buds tingled by its caress

Just like everything else.
But here comes the philanderer;

With its honey and sting

The expected intruder of the Dahlias

Seeking for nectar, pride of Dahlia.
Fantasy conceived, the forbidden eaten,her buds aroused,she never let go.

With a bug she is,pregnant we can’t say 

Poisonous or contagious?

Still she wouldn’t let go,

Until the petals are plucked 

And left unclad with the stalk.

Her Stigma now her stigma,

Collapses with her wanton desire.
Its thongs it packs after sucking dry. 

On it goes to another naif Dahlia. 

The heavens mocks her plight

And the earth brings her an eviction note 

For ‘it’, it’s just another Dahlia gone by.





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