Many a times, we make a lot of resolves,determinations, decisions, for the new year ahead

but unfortunately, we seldom meet those

expectations. Usually, we feel bad about this and

intend to make up as the new year goes by. We all

know what happens at the end of the year!

It is not enough to write down Resolutions (It’s OK,

I’ve written mine too), we should more importantly

work on them, and we have to do that

intentionally. Yes. Make yourself do it! See it as an

obligation and as though you are accountable to

someone at the end of the year. And indeed we

are. To ourselves and to God.

I’ll also love to add that resolutions to be made

should be achievable. Don’t make a hundred

resolutions. Don’t set too many goals. Of course

growth is gradual, so you’ve got to be steady. Do

“a few big things” and you’ll be surprised at the

progress you’ll make in the new year.

The final and most important point I want to make

is that you shouldn’t wait till the new year comes

before you start working on your resolutions.

That’s the mistake most of us make. We’ve got to

start (practising) now, so that when the new year

unravels, it would have been a part of us already.

One man after being advised to stop taking alcohol

said he knew he was doing the wrong thing and

would stop immediately we get into 2017 since it’s

part of his new year resolutions! Funny isn’t it?

“Why not now?” You would ask. And that’s the

same question we all should work on.

Start actualizing your New Year Resolutions now!

I wish everyone a blissful and prosperous new year




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