This can’t be it.

There can be more. There are yet a whole lot of things you’ve not found out about you.

You’ve got some potentials in you-

your untapped strength

your hidden talents

your unrealised abilities

your undiscovered purpose.

God has concealed some things in you, and for you- not from you.

He wants you to find them out.

Solomon said it is God’s privilege to conceal a matter,

and the King’s to discover, and invent.

You are that king.

Yes. You have the potential to be.

There is a king in you.

Just a seed can be a forest.

Because in one seed,

there is a tree.

And in a tree are fruits and flowers,

with seeds also in them.

Each of these seeds can be trees.

And on and on, a forest is born.

Just from one seed.

Who you are now,

is not all there is to be.

You can be more.

We believe in you

By Adekanmbi Blessing 

The Creative Minds 

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