Isn’t it hilarious to have something called self realization, after all who else would we know if not ourselves

Self realization is simply getting acquainted with what and who we can be.

Prior to a certain age in a child’s life, all decisions are made by the parents. Negligible choices like d colour of a dress or doll might be left to the child’s wit but as he or she grows, he learns to talk about his needs and wants releasing his parents from the stress of guessing.

The exact biological growth is expected at a later age.

A man’s orientation is usually made up of who he truly is + his environment. The word environment is encapsulated in a word called society which is further divided into: family, friends, neighbors,media, church and even the climate.

Most of our choices have been made based on d above factors leaving no thought for our very being.

Isn’t that sad?

Most people glide through life living for others while neglecting themselves.

It’s called self realization because it’s buried under various thoughts which are not really ours thus it needs to be dug out.

Self realization is rising above the drowning tides of the society and discovering what and who you really are without its views shaping the truth.

Taking myself as a case study, I’ve always eaten and assumedly loved Dangote spaghetti because my elder sis loved it and implemented it in the family’s meal regarding every other choice as poison.
On getting to school, I got acquainted with Golden penny and sincerely mine was love at first taste. <!-more->

Getting home again, I realized that Dangote spaghetti had become tasteless to me (no bias) which means my taste buds were were tuned to it due to my sister’s opinion but outside her influence I discovered my love for Golden Penny.

I would have asked you to start breaking the rules but I don’t want u  being broken instead. Yea I can imagine limbs and arms being broken. Trust naija parents &principals

So the gist here is to knowing and recognizing your choice amidst other’s preferences.

Self realization is testing truths that our lives have been based on and acting on the truths we find to be truly true.

I’m not sure if other tribes engage in this little ritual but I surely did.

My mum has always told me to throw 7 stones together with my old tooth to prevent rats/lizards from removing my whole teeth. Of course this was a lie and is still a lie in case someone is still observing it but as a child I took it serious just to realize that my devotion was built around a lie.

This was a negligible part of my life but what about other important aspects that are actually lies yet we sweat around them. How much of d society’s opinions/thoughts are really true?

Do you really believe you are  beautiful due to your features as your mom says or do u need to find other parameters to define beauty?.

Do u really believe in God?

Or you think you do because of friends?

How much of your decisions are really yours ?  and how much of you is truly you?

But the trick is the path to self realization is truly tricky and slippery thus anyone is liable to slip into selfishness.

Barring other’s needs and wants, anyone can grow to be self centered.

To avoid this, self realization must be accompanied with a Godly approach.Trust me this solves everything.





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