Life is indeed a rune

An inscription that takes forever to decode

A puzzle that takes a life time to solve

An unexplained expression of occurrences

It does have a beginning and an end

But the beginning who can decipher

And the end who can divulge
It teases and deceives us

It pushes circumstances at us

To either make or mar us

It plays different beats for us to dance to

Life consumes and devour, builds and destroys

Ingesting many lives into a mere tale of existence

Gulping destinies down the memory lane
Life is like a many – sided polygon

To some it’s meaningful, to others it’s not

Full and void of chances at the same time

It’s indeed a runic expression

That presents us a magical inscription

Give your meaning to it, never leave it meaningless

Else, it would prescribe a meaning for you


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  1. dellasdairy says:

    This is interesting. Ride on. Really creative.

    Liked by 1 person

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