FYS-talk: AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH OLA HERITAGE(Queen Idia hall Chairperson University of Ibadan) 

You also struggle to make a name for yourself out there. No one will be ready to help you if you are not ready to help yourself.

Can we meet you

My name is Ola Heritage Oluwaseyi.

Born in the mid nineties into a family of 5. I am the last child and only girl of the family. I attended Peace nursery and primary school for my primary education. And I eventually graduated from Federal Government College Owinni Oyo, in 2013 serving as The Deputy head girl of the college under Mrs Osundahunsi, the principal back then.
What were your feelings like when you gained admission? 

I gained admission into the university of Ibadan in the year 2014 to study Adult education/Communication and Language arts.
Gaining admission into the first and best university was like the best feeling ever. I mean a dream school of every student. So many advice from parents, family members, friends and all.
What were your goals, and resolutions? 

I had a dream of finishing with at least a Second class upper division. I also planned that I wasn’t going to pass through school alone but that the school should pass through me. I was also determined to involve myself in so many extracurricular activities just to widen my horizons.
Were you able to achieve them? 

Yes, to a reasonable extent, I was able to achieve my goals.
How has been  the journey so far from part 1 to 4

I started taking lectures in part 1, very hectic and annoying, so much assignments piling up but I was able to deal with it. I starts on a good CGPA and all was going fine. So much challenges from home too. 
But we all know that there can never be any stepping stone if there are no challenges.

I decided to give beauty pageantry a trial. 

I contested for the Face of my faculty in 100 level and I won. Also contested for the local beauty pageant in my hall of residence, Queen Idia Hall, And I won the pageant too. Making me the Miss Africana (cultural heritage) of the hall. Held these positions with different challenges too until I handed over in 200 level.

At 200 level, with combining academics, I was involved in organising various events in my Hall up till 300 level. I guess I already developed so much interest in Idia hall even more than my Faculty.

Are you holding any leadership position in your school or outside? 

I am the present Hall Chairperson of Queen Idia hall, University of Ibadan.
What’s next after school? 

After school, I intend to go to a theater art school for brief training and finally go into the acting/OAP world.
Aside academics what else do you do? 

I definitely engage in other things aside academics.

I am into politics. I act and I anchor events in school too.
Your view of the Educational system in Nigeria? 

Nigeria’s educational system is really too complicated. By now, I expect my course registration to be online, but I still sign around my lecturers office in the school. My result is never private. Students always know each others CGPA. I believe there should be privacy at least. And our curriculums never change. I keep doing what my lecturer who graduated 30 years did. No reason for modification at all. Some of my own lecturers even bring their undergraduate notebook to teach us in class. The issue of strike the federal and states universities also leave a whole lot of concern.
I recommend that our authorities take a deeper look at the problems facing us and critically look into it. The federal government should also fund education properly. If this is done, education should get better in the country.

What’s your philosophy about life

My philosophy of life. Nothing ever comes on a platter of Gold. You struggle for it. You also struggle to make a name for yourself out there. No one will be ready to help you if you are not ready to help yourself.

Also, if we all are not ready to make sacrifices, we cannot grow at all.

Any favourite quote? 

My favorite Quote…..”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”-Eleanor Roosevelt.

 Any other thing we should know? 

Watch out for the next biggest Actress/On air personality. My coming for the things they said I can never have. 

 Your advice to Nigerian students

Everyone should stay focused and determined. With time, it all gets better.

Thanks for your response. 

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