Good morning our esteemed readers, here is a topic opened for discussion, on one of those pertinent issues in our society which is children street hawking, kindly drop your view in the comment box. 

     Street hawking is a rampant thing in our society these days. Both young and old, small and great are involved in  this act as it is practiced by many.

      I looked into the eyes of people involved in this act and what I see is desperation to survive, to make a living; as it is being said that “the eyes is the voice of the heart”. If you want to know what is going on in the heart of many, look through their eyes into their heart and you will know what is there. I see desperation and worries, tiredness and exhaustion, but just that they have to keep going, they have to keep holding on. 

     There is great depth of desperation especially for those on the highway, they run alongside buses and cars, not minding finger, leg, arm, anything! Just mention it!  I feel great pity and I will just wish in my heart, I will think “if only I could do something to change this, if only I could help these ones”. Those were always my thoughts.

      I sat and thought, and I realized that it is not because they wanted to do it, it is not because they want to live this kind of life but they received what the world offers them. They couldn’t find a better way to survive at least it is better than stealing. When lack is about engulfing the very last bit of life, when poverty is about going beyond its limit, when opportunity seems so far to reach; for them, what could be thought of and resorted to is street hawking.

      There are so many youths out there, that hawking is what they do to survive. Some, hawking is what they do to support themselves academically. The state of the government has not given a better choice, life hasn’t either . I see kids of 4-6 years hawking on the street, and my heart move for them whenever I come across such. I feel pity which is accompanied by tears sometimes because I couldn’t just bear that view. How can small children of this age be exposed to a thing as this at this tender age? How can they be exposed   to this dangerous act from the beginning of life? There are news of children being raped or used for ritual. In this situation, the fate of such children is at risk.

      Children are the most affected with this act. They are exposed to things which they should be guarded from at that tender age. They are exposed to accidents, deceits which leads to rape and ritual as mentioned earlier, indecent things, etc. It is a very risky thing for a child of tender age, it’s always a thing of pity seeing people go through this.

Don’t forget to drop your comment: who do we blame for this act, for endangering the life and future of our young ones? 


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