FYS-talk: Meet Abisola Oladele, a First Class Graduate of Obafemi Awolowo 🎓. 

“Even when most of my mates gave up on the first class dream, i knew i could get it”.

 Can we meet you? 

My name is Abisola Oladele

I attended jefap international school suleja for my primary education, and government girls science secondary school kuje abuja for my secondary education.

Your feelings when you gained admission and the resolutions you made

 When i gained admission, i was happy, i just wanted to start the next phase of my life. My dad always wanted me to make a first class, and i just knew i was bright enough to.

Some of the academic goals you set? 

 I set goal to have a 5.0 every semester from 200 level

Were you able to achieve them? 

 I didn’t get a 5.0 until my final semester, but i had 4.85 a number of times.

 How was it like at the end of part one, results most especially? 

At the end of part one i had a cgpa of 3.4, it was pretty bad.

What were some of the principles you followed that made you excel? 

I always knew i was brighter than most of my pairs, so even when most of my mates gave up on the first class dream, i knew i could get it. 

Your study techniques? 

I tried to stay ahead of the class as much as i could, i didnt depend on my class notes alone. Text books and the internet were my best friends. I always made a point to summarize everything i had read (notes and text books)

Your highest and lowest grade. 

90 and 40

Your motivations towards success? 

 My family believed so much in me and that kept me motivated 

Have you at any point felt discouraged? What kept you moving? 

Yes i have, at the end of part 5 first semester, i had a B in a course and after my calculations, i realized i would not be able to graduate with a first class, even if i had all As in my last semester and i felt like giving up but i prayed and had rest in my spirit, little did i know my calculations were wrong

Do you engage in some other things aside academics, how were you able to combine all? 

 I did politics and ran a number of businesses, i allocated time for each activity and tried not let them coincide.

How were your final year days? 

 My final year was a lot of fun and hard work.

Your view of the Educational system in Nigeria

 It is obviously flawed, so many things that should be unacceptable are being embraced.

It seems you are into agro businesses, what inspired you to venture into that? 

I have always loved business and i studied agriculture so the both of them came together, and i thoroughly enjoy it.

What’s your philosophy about life, and success? 

I have always believed, whatever is what doing, is what doing well.

Your favourite quote? 

 Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.

Your advice for Nigerian students? 

Do not short change yourself. The experiences you gain in the university cannot be gotten elsewhere and they go a long way to shape your future. Be as active as you can while you study as much as you can. One cannot replace the other.

Thanks for your time Miss. Bisola..

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