Colorless Attorney In The High Court

Most Thought It Was A White Plague

Little Did They Know It’s Found It Way To Cape

Where Sons Of Niger Hide Themselves In Brick Cage

Cos They Don’t Know The Type Of Death They’ll Face

Maybe A Dagger Or A Bullet In The Face

Their Countrymen Killed In Their Presence

Their Wife Pounced Upon In Their Presence

Neighbours Eye Were On Them,  Present

Thinking Their Life Would Be Pleasant In Their Absence

Common Sense Was Absent

How I Wish It Was Present

Mandela Gone. Oh I Wish He Was Present

Black On Black Racism, They Think They’ve Got Craze

People With Violent Filled Testicles 

Calling Themselves Miracles

They are Nokia 3310 in Iphone Cases

They Should Be Hiding Their Faces

To The Judge I Rest My Case
     Poet – Emmy_TeeGem


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