Image: from Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library, Obafemi Awolowo University 

At first it seems to be peaceful

We were rowing without being fearful

“This is strange”, i thought 

Can life run without an effort? 

The day is so bright and beautiful

Everything seems calm; it’s the morning
All of a sudden, there arose the evening 

The evening prime rose opened

It’s still beautiful i thought

The daylight gradually went dim

Leaving us in a somber state

Is that the worst life’s got? 
At this time, i could only feel, i can’t see

I could feel the evening tide approaching

At first, it caressed us mildly

It’s cheating, it’s a coward, i said

Why is it coming in the dark? 

When no one could see it approaching
But then, there seems to be a giant wall ahead

Approaching us, as we were approaching it

Thoughts of what that could be clouded my minds

Can this be the storm? 

The one i read about in books? 

Has the mild tide metamorphorsed into a storm? 
Before i could sort out those thoughts

It has reached us, Oh! What a great blow on us

Seems we’ve lost our bearings

Are we gonna survive this? We’ve already landed amidst the storm

We’ve lost everything, nothing is left

Our boat, our lamps and it’s extremely dark now

We were confused the more, no more hope 
But then, Did we lose them all for real? 

No! there seems to be something left

Though weak, i could still feel the will to survive

There has to be hope somewhere

 But where? 

The storm seems not to be giving up

Where then is the hope hanging? 
All of a sudden, the sun arose again

Though the stormy night persists, it’s the day once more

I can’t believe we just survived the storm

The journey is indeed crooked and stormy

But then, armed with the will to survive

We did! We survived! We sailed through! 

By: B’tife


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