Pretty Faces Smiling Faces
That’s What Appear On Their Faces

With Zero Idea Of What She’s Facing

Her Pain Locked In A Guantanamo Fence

Heart Full Of Burden Covered With A Glowing Flesh

Head Full Of Memories Covered With A Smiling Face

Memories, A Huge Burden Of The Heart

His Heart Plastered To Hers

For Her Cause He Can Fight

He Wouldn’t Think Twice

She Was His Butterfly

To Her He Was Just A Protective Fly

Adam’s Friendzoned

Restricted From Eve’s Zone

He’s Cloned, He Is Coned

Love, A Burden Of The Heart

HandSome Faces Cute Faces

That’s The Image On Their Faces

Got A Dream He’s Chasing

Got A Good Wife Who Is Pleasing 

Here Lays A Story That’s So Disgracing

Collided With A Lady When It Was Raining

Strong On A Day He Ought To Be Lazy

Planted Grains When There Was Famine

Bride At Home So Nice And Charming

Here Laid A Story That Touches

I Wouldn’t Dig In 

I Will Hide My Torches

Choices Of The Flesh, Burden Of The Heart. 
     Poet – AanuOluwapo Emmanuel Tella   @Emmy_TeeGem

     Inspirational Credit – Adugbe Augustina

Image  credit: ArmChair theologian


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