Blank stares

Long distant stares

Waiting, whistling 

Shouting, cursing 

Pain, struggle 

Quick necessary silence 
Surgeon’s mask

Nurses’ tasks

Tactic alacrity 

Lights, knives, action
Green light 


Crying infant

Baby shower 

Suckling child 

Subtle and mild

Peaceful smiles

Recurring cries

Bubbling toddler

Happy laughter 

Messy leftovers 

Barbie makeovers 
Pink flowers 

Rose-colored tiaras 

Sugar tarts

Fruit pies 
Cream-colored walls

Narrow high school halls

Glad cheers

High stiletto heels

Curly twists

Long dresses

Prom parties 
Lofty heights 

Working class

Happy wife

Graceful mother 
Grandsons and daughters 


Moonlight stories


Straight beeping line on the ECG

Red light 


Ajani Ololade.



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