SUCCESS TIPS- by Inioluwa


So many people have great quests for success. We see great guys out there and the next thought is “I want to be like this man.” There is actually no offence in thinking this way, but the next thing to do is ask questions of “How?”and “What?” 

You don’t just see these great men out there, there were things they went through, previous things they sacrificed, disciplines they had to be subjected to and that is just what you should find out at first before wishing to be like them. 

The quest after success instils in a man endurance, for endurance is the greatest key to success. Remember, quitters never win and winners never quit. The road to success is never smooth, it is filled with hurdles. Life will never offer you success simply because you deserve it but you have to demand for it, for you will surely have it if you dream it.

Relationship is a building block for success as it requires you to enrich the lives of others as they do yours. You can not do it alone and that is why you need people.

Love for people, character, enthusiasm, happiness, great imagination and magnificent thoughts are the ingredients for success. These are the things that keep you going, the strength that gives you the enablement. So many things that play with your emotion and fear, if one does not have a great mindset and thought that produces enthusiasm, success will surely be very hard.

Success is SIMPLE but NOT EASY. It takes time, determination and ability to make oneself happy and enthusiastic despite all hurdles, troubles, hindrances and limitations. Successful people see beyond today, their immediate environment and background. They look straight into the future and just like an eagle that flies to the highest altitude than other birds- even though they all belong to the same class (Aves), an eagle sees the UNIQUENESS and  SPECIALITY in itself which will not allow it to stay in lower altitude or ground like hen. They have very sharp eyes that pick in the slightest opportunity.

Success is not about your background, skin colour, personality or experience. It is about your DECISION and how determined you are to make your decision work.

Nobody/Nothing can limit you but YOU.

In the presence of trouble, some people grow wings while others buy crutches”- Harold W. Rouff

Gold is tried by fire, brave men by adversity.

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important” (Enthusiasm)

Janet Layne.

Thanks for reading, see ya next time on our success series by Inioluwa

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