Man Inflict Pain

Men Stares feeling Helpless

Death Looks Them In The Face And Smile

Bad Leaders live In Mansions

Despite Their Numerous Factions

Living Life Like An Improper Fraction

Bad Leaders Laugh

Death Consistently Dab

Giving Him An Horrible Stab

Karma Flew In With Alli’s Revenge Jab

Death Raises Up It Flag

Even a Blind Man Can See It Flare

Bad Leader Dies

0² Frowns At His Smile

His Lung Bid Farewell

His Nose Whistled Don’t Mention

His Heart Murmured Help Help

The Brain Seems Paralyzed No One To Switch It Ignition

The Casket Maker Smiles

Karma Sits On It’s Sofa Sorting Out His Pension

The Pension! 

I Wouldn’t Want To Mention

           Poet_ AanuOluwapo Emmanuel  @Emmy_TeeGem




One Comment Add yours

  1. elganiyu says:

    This is what bad leaders fail to recognise. Death is inevitable. Nice one.


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