Agony And Tears In The Niger Area


Insurgent Crisis In The North

Senate Leader Has An Unfinished Business In Court

Religious Crisis Chilling On The Horse

Fulani’s Now Riding On Their Horses

Men Getting Killed In Their Houses

Election Promises Going on Journeys
Biafra Crisis In The East

I Guess That’s The New Feast

Gunshots In Protest Is The New Beat

Colorful Memories Fading In Bits

Hope Sagging Like Fallen Tits

Goods And Services High In Quantity

The Mystery Is Their Quality
Salary Payment Crisis In The West

Hastening The Time Of Pensioners Bidding Farewell

Water’s Now Drying In Our Knowledge Well

Constituted Authorities Building Their Wealth

Saving Under Swiss And Panama Tents

Their Offspring Eating Cheese, Mayonnaise and Bread

Intellectual Minds Laying On Their Bed

The New Surveying Instrument Is Their Leg

Hunger And Poverty Visible In Lengths And Breadths

What A Malevolent Constituted Authority In The West 
Rapacious War In The Country’s South

Militancy In The South-South

Avengers Are The New Boy Scout

Pipelines Facing Routs

Scarcity Of White House Currency On The Rise

White House Currency Soaring High In The Sky

Aso Rock Currency On The Runway Feeling Shy
                   Poet –  AanuOluwapo Emmanuel Tella


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  1. I enjoyed the post. Appreciated. New fan and sub’d 🙂


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