So you ask yourself, What reason do I have to be this beautiful? Why do my hips swing the way they do? Why do they dance to the melodies of a thousand beats? Who asked them to? Who gave my lips the licence to curve in a crescent-moon shape? Who told them they could drip … Continue reading ODE TO DARLING – AJANI Ololade 


The  Colour  Series   – BLUE 

BLUE Blue is the colour of oceans so vast Flowing gracefully in between heights Blue is the colour of the sky so high Spreading out the sun and the stars Blue is the fragrance of spring Spicing the fresh scent of the morning Blue is the fragrance of life Colouring the whole earth in style … Continue reading The  Colour  Series   – BLUE 

The Science Of Sales: Six Ways Salesmen Convince You To Buy from them- Curiosity.com

Your mom tells you to go to the market and sell your only cow. As you walk along, you encounter a man who wants to trade you a handful of beans for the cow. "No way," you say. The stranger tells you these are magic beans. You hand over the cow, get the beans, and end up running from a giant in a magic sky castle. As you flee, you think, "How did that guy get me to trade a perfectly good cow for those beans?" There's a science to persuasion, and if you know how it works, you'll know how to avoid falling for a deal that's too good to be true.


Kolade Aminat Taiwo,The Owner of Ara Cakery is a 400l student of botany, Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife,Osun state in Nigeria. She believes with much practice,you’d get better with cake baking and decorations.


We should not forget matters which govern almost every step we take. We often spend more time on those trivial issues mentioned above, though, their importance cannot be overlooked. Things that matter most and control what we like are in oblivion


Something in the twisting beams, hanging in the form of tired branches  Something in the bitter sweet happenings Something in reality  Something in dreams

Agony And Tears In The Niger Area

Insurgent Crisis In The North Senate Leader Has An Unfinished Business In Court Religious Crisis Chilling On The Horse Fulani's Now Riding On Their Horses Men Getting Killed In Their Houses Election Promises Going on Journeys Biafra Crisis In The East I Guess That's The New Feast Gunshots In Protest Is The New Beat Colorful … Continue reading Agony And Tears In The Niger Area


Man Inflict Pain Men Stares feeling Helpless Death Looks Them In The Face And Smile Bad Leaders live In Mansions Despite Their Numerous Factions Living Life Like An Improper Fraction Bad Leaders Laugh Death Consistently Dab Giving Him An Horrible Stab Karma Flew In With Alli's Revenge Jab Death Raises Up It Flag Even a … Continue reading ROMANCE OF DEATH AND KARMA- Emmy_Teegem

SUCCESS TIPS- by Inioluwa

So many people have great quests for success. We see great guys out there and the next thought is "I want to be like this man." There is actually no offence in thinking this way, but the next thing to do is ask questions of "How?"and "What?"  You don't just see these great men out … Continue reading SUCCESS TIPS- by Inioluwa