SUCCESS TIPS- by Inioluwa

So many people have great quests for success. We see great guys out there and the next thought is "I want to be like this man." There is actually no offence in thinking this way, but the next thing to do is ask questions of "How?"and "What?"  You don't just see these great men out … Continue reading SUCCESS TIPS- by Inioluwa



Accuse the truth of being wrong. Wring out the wrong in wrong. Sue opinions and judge in the chambers of your mind. Sentence lies to oblivion. Arraign the truth amidst reasoning


Dizzy, giddy earth Darkened, gloomy atmosphere Increase in earth's entropy Just like a whirl wind Scattering stuffy particles A large rift, looming in the space A link between this world and the world beyond Alienated world Particles engulfed  Dancing UFOs Queer fellas, queer ships Scattered, heavy studs Heavy headed beings Gibberish speakers Metals clashing and … Continue reading SCI-FI: ALIENS ON OUR LAND

Skill Acquisition: A  Tutorial Cake baking by Ara_Cakery

Hello beautiful people, The Creative Minds team thought it wise and imparting, to promote skills acquisition and Art and Craft, so this morning it would be about Cake baking, and we bring to you one of the very best masters of cakery...   Kolade Aminat Taiwo,The Owner of Ara Cakery is a 400l student of botany, … Continue reading Skill Acquisition: A  Tutorial Cake baking by Ara_Cakery


People Hate Love It's The Flittering Feeling That Keeps Them Amazed The Glittering View Is What Keeps Them Amused They Don't Ride Their Jet Sky In It Sea They Just Keep It Parked At The Bay Love Is Sacrificial Now Sacrifice Merely Exist Love ain't Scarce Love Is Fierce, But Not Scary We Don't Love … Continue reading LOVE IN GRIEF


Hello beautiful people, Good morning, i hope we slept soundly. This morning i had to do some transplant at home, then i noticed this scented leave i know to be efirin(Yoruba)... My Mum is very fond of this plant, she does alot with it, then i felt there has to be more to this plant … Continue reading HEALTH BENEFITS OF OCIMUM GRATISSIMUM (EFIRIN/SCENT LEAVE)