So many times we've stopped and asked ourselves the question, "Is it really worth it?"  The stress, the struggle, the tears and the sweat, the midnight candles and the shinning night bulbs.  We are tempted to give up at many junctures where the going gets tough; but we all know the adage that says, "when … Continue reading DON’T QUIT


A Poem:  Happy Birthday 

​*IT'S YOUR DAY* Nature sent signals, Yet I couldn't sense it. Birds hummed, I still couldn't sense it. Until I heard expressions whistling, Until I heard sounds of drums, Until I heard people chanting; O Ku ojo ibi ooo!  Ase yi s'amodun oo!  Then it dawned on me, that it's your day today! Little wonder … Continue reading A Poem:  Happy Birthday 


*ÈDE YORÙBÁ* Yorùbá is more than just a Language. It is a way of life. But it is so disheartening today that it is considered archaic and so cannot be reckoned with anymore. I really do wonder why that is because Yorùbá to me, (and of a truth) is beautiful! As a matter of fact, … Continue reading ASA ATI ISE YORUBA 

Take the Risk! 

​TAKING RISKS Sometimes we are so much afraid of trying out new things because of our uncertainty of what it would result. What we are avoiding might end up happening we say. But all the same, what we hope for might as well happen!  These thoughts often fill our hearts; Don't look- you might see. … Continue reading Take the Risk! 

You are who you say you are

​ Hello friends, here's a wonderful story. Be blessed. A man and his son were walking in the forest. Suddenly the boy tripped and, feeling a sharp pain, he screams "AHHHH!" Surprised, he hears a voice coming from the mountain, "AHHHH!" Filled with curiosity, he screams: "Who are you?", but the only answer he receives … Continue reading You are who you say you are

”RELEVANCE” by Adegboye Gabriel 

Everyone is in search of relevance, we all want to be known in our world, we all want to affect our world, we all want to make an everlasting landmark. The question now is"how do i become relevant, how do I affect the world around me? It's very simple, No one was created without the … Continue reading ”RELEVANCE” by Adegboye Gabriel 

Choices by Abiodun EDITH 

​CHOICES Whatever you become is a matter of your choices Your choices define who you are In life, we always need to choose Either to do good or bad To be unique or follow the crowd Standout or be someone else's shadow God gave us the power of will Our will power, help in our … Continue reading Choices by Abiodun EDITH 

Risk by Abiodun EDITH 

​RISKS Life involves risks From waking up in the morning To going to the bathroom Getting dressed and going for the day's job Everything involves risks Believing in theories Believing in God Crossing the road and being in the office Everything involves risks A life without risks is a boring life Because it will be … Continue reading Risk by Abiodun EDITH 

Never Give up

​MOST times in life, we tend to have dreams and plans but end up not fulfilling them for so many reasons. Here's a story I want to share on one Key factor you need to consider all the more to get your dreams fulfilled. Add it to every other success factor you've considered. It is … Continue reading Never Give up